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May 2017 Goodies

May 2017 Texture Collection

Texture specs:  30 - 15"x15" Fine Art textures - 300 DPI

Bonus Item - Antique French Documents

Antique French Documents from the late 1700's and 1800's:  30 - approx 13"x19" Fine Art textures - 300 DPI

This is a rare collection of antique documents I collected and scanned in at a high resolution to give you some very large pieces to work into your photography and art! You will love creating with this collection. These are perfect for adding unique touches!

*In Photoshop my go to blend-modes for antique papers is "darken" and "darken color" - this usually makes the paper disappear leaving just the text in my art. Be sure to experiment to get the best look for your photos.